The FSC is a sustainability initiative to the management of forests. They ensure care for people, animals, and nature in forests, where we can use products made of wood with an eye to sustainable initiatives.

FSC focuses on many different areas of effort and activities to strengthen the FSC brand. In particular, they are working to create a better system for the many companies, forest owners, and organizations that work with FSC.

FSC-certified forests are completely protected, and no more wood is felled than the forest itself can reproduce. Endangered animals and plants are protected from these forests. As far as possible, local labor is used, however, the forest workers must have proper safety equipment, wages, and the right education.

In an FSC-certified product, all links in the supply chain must also have an FSC certification. So you can buy wood and paper from managed forests with sustainable actions. We use FSC-certified products for, among other things, our packaging and hangtags.